Watch film online

Dear friends* and supporters* of CLOUD MAKING MACHINE,

shortly before the end of this year we have some great news for you!

We are happy to announce that our film can now be seen online on the streaming platform

Our way to was a joint effort with other independent documentary filmmakers and the result of a cooperation with the streaming service. Among our colleagues* we agreed that we would like to give the many good indie productions the visibility they deserve. Therefore we founded together with other, a platform for independently produced documentaries - focuses on diversity and nonconformity and helps social diversity to become more visible. Filmmakers, streaming portals and all* film fans come together here. Take a look.

So now you have the best opportunity to watch CLOUD MAKING MACHINE - Between home & homeland together with your friends* and families over Christmas to New Year. Have fun with the film!

With this in mind we thank you with solidary greetings and wish you a wonderful turn of the year and... world peace!


On Tour - Reutlingen, Tübingen, Dußlingen

Reutlingen, Tübingen, Dußlingen - Three days in a row we presented our film with subsequent discussion rounds. Despite the bright sunshine, many people found their way to the cinema and discussed with the director Susanne Dzeik and Mohammed Kello, team member of the film and the theatre group. "The film is very moving and will touch me for a long time" (Toni Deitmar, Dußlingen) was one of the reactions from the audience. We would like to thank the Kamino art-house cinema, the cultural centre franz.k, the Shedhalle and the supporters circle Unterstützerkreis Asyl Dußlingen, as well as Jördis Drawe and Ina Z. for the good organization and good time. We look forward to the next screenings on May 9th at AZ Conni (Dresden) and May 10th at Kino Cineding (Leipzig).

Berlin Premiere

Finally it's time!
You are cordially invited to celebrate the Berlin premiere of CLOUD MAKING MACHINE with us.
We show the film in cooperation with the nomad cinema in Ding Dong Dom (Holzmarkt) and end the evening at the campfire on the Spree.
We are looking forward to meeting you!

After the film screening, there will be a conversation with the filmmakers* and some protagonists*.

Date: Friday, 22. September 2017
Start: 20:00 o'clock
Location: Ding Dong Dom (Holzmark),
Wood market route 25, 10243 Berlin
Organizer: burning dox & Nomadenkino


Dear supporters,

with your help we finished our documentary film CLOUD MAKING MACHINE after 3 years. 75 minutes, very strong and emotional 75 minutes, in which our protagonists*in Batoul, Firas and Jallow take the space and the time to speak for themselves and share their life and experiences with us.

The three were much more than just protagonists*, but have actively participated in the development process and we think this is noticeable in the film. We are proud of our work and grateful for the trust of the three and about every little support during this time. Our special thanks go to Hussam Ghosheh, who developed our video letters together with the Refugee Club participants in Creative Writing Workshops and co-directed the filming.

On our Facebook page and the blog on our website you can see some people who have supported us on our way with know-how and manpower. Many friends from filmArche e.V. were present, especially Alex Töchterle in postproduction and Tom Rotsching in color grading. Alex Töchterle, Prof. Gerhard Schumm, Magda Wystup and Aline Bonvin gave us dramatic advice. Aline Bonvin and Nathalie Tafelmacher-Magnat have translated into English and French, but also people and friends of the Refugee Club. Mohammed Kello, Merah Tesare, Yousef Iskandar and Batoul Sedawi spent many hours with Susanne to make us understand Arabic, without Mamoudu Jallow we would not have understood his video letter in Fula and without Samee Ullah not Dari. Diego Aguirre has conjured up a wonderful sound from not always the best source material and produced atmospheric and unobtrusive background music together with Mohammed Mattar and Diyar Younes. We owe the song title Whisky, which became something like our leitmotif, to Firas' brother Ahmed El Eraky, who composed and recorded this song in Cairo.

Our deepest thanks go to all of them and many others.

We are currently submitting the film to international and national documentary film festivals. As soon as the first date for the world premiere is set, you will receive a message.

The film is our debut for our production company "burning dox". After the evaluation of the festival we will use the film for educational work. We want to continue working on burning issues. Next time, hopefully under less precarious production conditions.


Susanne & Armin

#dokufilm #cloudmakingmachine

Post-production phase begins

Dear fans and supporters of CLOUD MAKING MACHINE,

we are in the middle of the post-production process.

On Facebook
our Startnext blog at
and on our website
you've seen some of our last shooting stations over the past few months.
We had decided to prolong the shooting period a little bit, because we had to wait a little longer.
have gained some new protagonists, which we consider to be an enrichment for
the film.

After working our way through the complete material again, we are meanwhile
we've landed on average. Exemplarily our first rough analog design on the wall (see photo).

We realistically expect 4-6 months, which we now spend cutting the film,
last translations and current, exciting developments with our protagonists
but to capture it again with the camera.

Only with your support we could make it to this point - thank you very much!

Since one of our protagonists has decided to remain incognito for the time being,
is our video: "Cloud Making Machine - Startnext-Trailer" currently only available on request.

We look forward to the work ahead and report with news via our channels.

Your Team CLOUD MAKING MACHINE // Susanne and Armin

The new play "Letters Home" & new protagonists

Dear supporters of CLOUD MAKING MACHINE,

a lot has happened at the Refugee Club Impulse. The new play "Letters home" was staged in front of more than 800 viewers at the House of World Cultures. We have contributed to this and gained new protagonists.

We are especially happy that we now also have two women, Mira and Batool, with us and can now tell more from a female perspective.

This will probably prolong the shooting by another 4 months and thus delay the completion of the film overall.

But we think that this will benefit the film as a whole.

Thank you for your support,
Susanne and Armin

A small video impression of the play and our protagonists can be found here:

♥ We made it - with your support ♥

To all the fans and supporters of CLOUD MAKING MACHINE,

after 90 days of crowdfunding we reached our funding goal and came one step closer to the final realisation of CLOUD MAKING MACHINE.
We like to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts – but we do not only want to thank those who funded us, a big thank you also goes out to the people who helped promoting and spreading the word about this project. There was a lot of transition in the last days.

For us this was the first crowdfunding campaign and so this was kind of an experiment, too.

What happened so far

After trying to do things the traditional way for another documentary project by showing up at film funding institutes and editorial offices of TV stations and a year of waiting without any success it came quiet clear: we can do it in another way.

We already have film material from the initial ''Impulse'' dance and theatre project and now we will go on without the traditional financing model.
The perspectives and stories we were faced with in the initial reception center (Erstaufnahmeinrichtung EAE) made us believe that telling them is important.

But realizing this completely on our own is quite difficult. We need support, we need a crowd.

From Do-It-Yourself to Do-It-Together

So, what do we need for a good funding campaign? Interesting texts, good photos, a trailer for the campaign, short sequences of the raw material, social media presences, creative ideas, something new every week and good portion of endurance. The Startnext profile was initiated and the first 50 fans were quickly gained. That was encouraging.

We are unsure if we really will obtain the 5000 € we set as our goal because our film won't

make people feel comfortable, but refugees are becoming a topic more and more in the media.

The first contributions show up, the campaign makes a good start and we feel strange about getting donations from our community, setting up a facebook page with no cute cat pics but a lot of calls for support. Additionally there is the creeping need of reloading and reopening all the sites and presences around the carefully placed e-mail account window on the desktop. And all out of a sudden: summer is here.

The lean period after the initial boost

The eviction of the Oranienplatz protest camp in 2014 showed us even more that the perspective of the refugees is not presented enough throughout the media and how important it is to get this into focus.

After three weeks all wells went dry. Posting texts, photos and teaser snippets on a regular basis has no effect any more, it is somehow full of worms. A gleam of hope comes through a big article in ''Neues Deutschland'', an interview with culture portal / and one damn lovely, handwritten letter from a reader with the question for our bank account number so that she can support us. She had no internet, she told, but really wants to support us.

The end of the campaign is near

At the and of the campaign we are 2000 € behind our goal and ALEX TV invites us to their show ''Raum für Notitzen'', FluxFM does a feature about us shortly after that.
We are happy, because this gives us the opportunity to have a critical view on how the refugee topic regularly is reported about. Our network gets bigger, but our campaign only has one day to go.

Extension of the campaing

We are allowed to extend our campaign for another 30 days, we like the reports about our film. Some supporters do not want to register at Startnext but want to help us, we find different ways to make it happen for them. Furthermore the trailer for the self organized Refugee Club finally gets aired after we shot in February 2014.

And now, right before it ends, there will be a short interview in the Taz.

We did it

Finally and again finaaaally.
Crowdfunding is not just collecting money, a good part of it all is PR and networking. But financing a project this way makes it even more interesting.
We do not only work in our offices on a film of which we do not know if enough people will find it worth supporting, instead we get in contact with a lot of people who share our approach. This is what gives us the strength and confidence to work on.

Thank you!