• With ›Cloud Making Machine‹ Susanne Dzeik has created an impressive and sensitive film. Even when tears flow in front of the camera, when emotions and fears become visible, one does not feel like a voyeur. Instead, you get to know the protagonists, learn about their lives and how difficult it is to leave your own country and arrive in the new country. The film takes along, touches emotionally, makes people angry, gives them hope, because it describes three young people who had to experience the unimaginable and do not break up as a result. Jörg Meyer (Neues Deutschland)
  • I was on my way in a country which I didn’t know much about. All I know is that it is full of flowers, with beautiful people smiling at me. Firas
  • All they need is my fingerprints. That’s all they need. They don’t care where I come from. They don’t care who I am. Jallow
  • In the documentary ›Cloud Making Machine‹ by filmmaker Susanne Dzeik (...) young refugees from Berlin find the warmth of a family in a theatre group and reveal their experiences and feelings to relatives and friends in their war-torn home countries in moving video letters. Koch, B.T. (2017): Junge Flüchtlinge auf Heimatsuche. Psychosoziales und pädagogisches Handeln in einem sensiblen Kontext. Heidelberg: Carl-Auer.
  • Everything was strange. The people are strange, the streets, the houses, even the colors and also the food and the bread. Batoul
  • I fled because of some crazy people like ISIS. And I traveled to this great dream and deceit Europe. Firas
  • In her documentary ›Cloud Making Machine‹ (2017), Berlin filmmaker Susanne Dzeik dares to take the tightrope walk that this genre always brings with it: to show the pain of people without portraying them as victims; to give them a voice without dictating it. Hannah El-Hitami (taz)
  • I don’t want to feel that I come from war and torture all the time. No! I came and I want to start a new life. Batoul
  • Who’s helping you get here? Mafia and thieves. Why? I’ll tell you why. Firas
  • We are the people coming out of the disgusting war your politicians are waging there. Lian
  • We did little things, but they were all beautiful and full of love. Batoul


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